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Uroboros / 2014 / video installation / feathers, video projection /

Photo: Duško Miljanić / Video: ArtVision

.. Uroboros by Sinisa Radulovic is a video projection - a car falling diagonally from the top corner to the bottom; this video is in the loop and is mounted in such a manner that the moment the light (of the headlights) “touches” the bottom of the wall / projection it reappears in the top corner - so the light is always present and the car completely disappears for a while from the cadre. An important segment of the artwork is the floor covered with scattered feathers that looks like a cloud from a distance. Uroboros is a snake biting its own tail. That symbol embodies the idea of a cycle closed in it, representing thus the principle of eternal recurrence but also the connection of the underground with the heavenly world because of the circular form...

Art Historian Nataša Nikčević, excerpt  from THE LIGHT, Contemporary Art Centre of  Montenegro, 2014